SF Buyers

Karen was the realtor that helped my wife and I rent our apartment when we first moved to San Francisco three years ago. She was so nice and welcoming, that we decided the unit she showed us was where we wanted to live. Recently, we decided we wanted to purchase a 2 bedroom condo, naturally Karen was the only real estate agent we considered. We sat down with Karen to review our criteria and she provided her expert guidance and opinion. Working together was enjoyable because she was always prepared and proactive, for example, when the seller agent took longer than expected to draft paperwork, Karen took the initiative to draft the paperwork instead. had all the paper work ready for us to sign and thoroughly explained everything.

From the time we started, until the loan closed and was funded, Karen was an absolute joy to be work with, and we really appreciated how detailed and seamless she made the process. We also used her recommendations for our general contractor, handyman, plumber, and electrician. She has become a great source of information for us and we trust her instincts and ability to properly assess the situation and find a win-win outcome for all. Karen also is great at giving you both the pros and cons and helping you work through the decision process.Selecting Karen to help us through the process of buying our first home was a fantastic decision! We will always turn to her for our future real estate needs. Karen is more than just a great realtor, after everything, we became close and we consider her a friend.