Happy seller

We cannot thank Karen Dell’Isola enough for being our selling agent.  We are absolutely positive that no other agent could have done what she did for us, which is everything.

She took the time to listen to what we wanted – “have the house sold yesterday”. She heard us and took full ownership of making that happen without taking short cuts.

Within 3 weeks, Karen had the unit flooring installed, staged, cleaned, photographed and listed on MLS.
She handling the scheduling with vendors and the HOA, getting estimates, signing papers, following up on all work.  On top of all that, she even handled flooring installation issues WHILE ON VACATION!

Karen always kept us up to date on all progress, and responded to all emails, phone calls, text within minutes.
The entire process of selling was always moving forward, because Karen was always prepared and ready.
As soon as the MLS was listed, she had open houses and broker tours.

Even when we had unexpected complications during closing, Karen stepped in proactively to make sure things kept moving forward.  It was so stressful but Karen  was there to make sure we understand our options and helped us navigate the issues. We always felt like Karen was looking out for my best interest.  We don’t know what we would have done without her.

It’s so hard to find someone who takes responsibility and ownership for you but Karen does that and more.
We could not recommend Karen with more enthusiasm.